Custom made jerseys

Custom made jerseys – individual adaptation

In case you do not have the perfect cycling figure use the individual clothes adaptation.

After trying the size samples on you may find out that you have a longer main body – pants size L fit you, but you need (e.g.) 1.575 in longer braces or you have more muscular thighs and need to add (e.g.) extra 0.787 in circumference more.

Please mention all your requirements into a note of your order and we will meet your needs as we want you to feel maximum comfort.

GO! - Maximum comfortable, bespoke sew clothes. Highly functional, solely European materials for various climate conditions will give you a maximum experience on bike, in-lines and fitness. The clothes do not distract you so that you can focus on your ride only. Let´s GO!

Sportswears GO! is made by company ACE Sport s.r.o., producer of custom-tailored sportswear for team and individual sports. Among our most significant European and American customers belong companies Champion, Adidas, Reebok and Red Bull.

We are glad that all the experiences from this cooperation can be used in the complete production process of cycling wear GO! and provide our customers the professional approach.